Haunted Houses in Tennessee

Haunted Houses in Tennessee

Looking for a thrilling and spine-chilling adventure? Tennessee is home to some of the most haunted houses in the country, offering visitors a chance to explore its dark and eerie past. From ghostly mansions to abandoned asylums and creepy cemeteries, our comprehensive guide will help you uncover the best haunted attractions in Tennessee. Immerse yourself in the state’s rich history and discover its haunted past as we take you on a journey filled with ghostly encounters and paranormal activities. So, whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a history buff, our guide to the haunted houses in Tennessee is here to help you plan your next spooky adventure. Let’s delve into the supernatural and explore the mysterious world of the afterlife in Tennessee.

Frightmare Manor - Talbott, TN

Frightmare Manor - Talbott, TN

Frightmare Manor is a haunted attraction located in Talbott, Tennessee, which is just a short drive from Knoxville. The attraction has been named one of the scariest haunted houses in America by Travel Channel and is one of the most popular haunted attractions in Tennessee.

Frightmare Manor is a unique haunted house experience that takes guests on a terrifying journey through a variety of different scenes and settings. The attraction includes several different haunted houses, each with its own distinct themes and characters. Some of the most popular attractions at Frightmare Manor include the Dead Man’s Farm, the Nightmare at Frightmare Manor, and the Ultimate Haunted Barn.

One of the standout features of Frightmare Manor is the attention to detail that goes into each of the haunted houses. The sets are incredibly realistic, and the actors are highly trained to create a truly terrifying experience for guests. The attraction also features a number of special effects, including animatronics, sound effects, and lighting, to add to the overall atmosphere.

In addition to the haunted houses, Frightmare Manor also offers a number of other attractions, including escape rooms, zombie paintball, and axe throwing. These attractions provide guests with a fun and exciting experience that complements the main haunted house attractions.


Nashville Nightmare - Madison, TN

Nashville Nightmare - Madison, TN

Nashville Nightmare is a haunted house located in Madison, Tennessee, just a short drive from downtown Nashville. This haunted attraction features several different experiences, including four haunted houses and an escape game.

The first haunted house at Nashville Nightmare is called Horror High, which takes visitors on a terrifying journey through a high school overrun by zombies. The second attraction, Industrial Undead, is set in a post-apocalyptic world where visitors must navigate through a factory filled with zombie workers. The third haunted house is called Grimm’s Fairy Tales, which puts a dark and twisted spin on classic fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. Finally, the fourth attraction is Phantoms, which features a haunted hospital where visitors will encounter creepy patients and deranged doctors.

In addition to the haunted houses, Nashville Nightmare also offers an escape game called Reformatory. This game puts visitors in the role of prisoners trying to escape a haunted prison. The game takes about 20 minutes to complete and is included with the purchase of a general admission ticket.

Nashville Nightmare is open during the Halloween season, typically from late September through early November. The attraction offers both general admission tickets and VIP tickets, which include access to a special VIP line, a souvenir t-shirt, and other perks.


Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Chattanooga, TN

Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern is a unique and terrifying haunted attraction. This haunted house takes place deep within the caverns of Ruby Falls, an underground waterfall and cave system. The haunt is open during the Halloween season and provides visitors with a thrilling and immersive experience that will leave them trembling with fear.

As visitors descend into the caverns, they will encounter terrifying scenes that include zombies, clowns, and other horror movie staples. The haunt is divided into different sections, each with its own set of scares and obstacles. In one section, visitors will encounter a zombie-infested laboratory, where they must navigate through a maze of twisting corridors while avoiding the undead. In another section, visitors will come face-to-face with a deranged clown and his creepy carnival, filled with twisted games and frightening fun.

The Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern is not for the faint of heart. This intense haunted house is designed to frighten and thrill even the bravest of visitors. The cave system provides a unique and eerie backdrop for the scares, adding an extra layer of fear to the experience.

The attraction is open to visitors of all ages, but it is not recommended for young children or anyone who is easily frightened. The Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern is a popular Halloween destination in Chattanooga and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

In addition to the haunted cavern, Ruby Falls also offers a variety of other activities and events. Visitors can take a guided tour of the caverns to see the underground waterfall and learn about the history of the cave system. The attraction also hosts special events throughout the year, including concerts, festivals, and holiday celebrations.


Dead Land Scream Park - Lebanon, TN

Dead Land Scream Park - Lebanon, TN

Dead Land Scream Park is a popular haunted attraction located in Lebanon, Tennessee. This scream park is a popular destination for those seeking thrilling and frightening experiences during the Halloween season. The park offers a range of terrifying attractions and is a great place for thrill-seekers to visit.

Dead Land Scream Park features several haunted attractions, including The Portal, The Curse, The Crypt, The Maze, and The Condemned. Each attraction has its own unique theme and storyline, with terrifying characters and special effects designed to scare visitors. Guests can purchase tickets for individual attractions or purchase a combo ticket to experience them all.

The Portal is an immersive, interactive experience that transports visitors to a different dimension, where they must escape a haunted laboratory. The Curse is set in an abandoned town that has been cursed by an ancient evil, while The Crypt takes place in a haunted cemetery filled with restless spirits. The Maze is a challenging, winding labyrinth filled with twists and turns, and The Condemned is a high-intensity, high-scare experience set in a haunted prison.

In addition to its haunted attractions, Dead Land Scream Park also features a range of other activities, including live entertainment, food vendors, and a haunted midway. Visitors can enjoy carnival-style games and contests, as well as live music and performances.

Dead Land Scream Park is open during the Halloween season, typically from late September through early November. The park is open on select nights and hours vary, so visitors should check the park’s website for the most up-to-date information and ticket prices.


FrightWorks - Powell, TN

FrightWorks, located in Powell, Tennessee, is a popular haunted attraction that promises to scare visitors with its high-quality special effects, detailed sets, and talented actors. The attraction is open during the Halloween season and is known for its intense and immersive experiences.

The haunt offers four different attractions, each with a unique theme and storyline. The main attraction is the FrightWorks Haunted House, which takes visitors on a terrifying journey through a haunted mansion. The attraction is filled with special effects, animatronics, and live actors who are sure to give visitors a fright.

In addition to the haunted house, FrightWorks also offers three other attractions: the Quarantine, which simulates a biohazard outbreak; the Outbreak, a zombie-themed attraction; and the Dark Maze, a pitch-black maze that visitors must navigate while avoiding obstacles and scare actors.

FrightWorks is open to visitors of all ages, but it is recommended that children under the age of 13 be accompanied by an adult. The attraction is not recommended for individuals with heart conditions, epilepsy, or other medical conditions that may be triggered by intense strobe lights or loud noises.

Tickets for FrightWorks can be purchased online or at the door. VIP tickets are available for those who want to skip the line and get to the scares faster. The attraction also offers group discounts for parties of 20 or more.


Nashville Haunted Woods - Nashville, TN

Nashville Haunted Woods - Nashville, TN

Nashville Haunted Woods is a popular Halloween attraction located in Nashville, Tennessee. The experience of This haunted wood takes place on a 35-acre plot of land and features multiple scare zones with various themes and creepy creatures lurking in the shadows.

Visitors to Nashville Haunted Woods can expect to be scared out of their wits as they navigate through the twisted and winding paths of the woods. The attraction features different scare zones such as The Forest of Darkness, The Dark Maze, The Clown Caravan, The Witch’s Den, and The Hillbilly Village.

The Forest of Darkness is a pitch-black section of the woods where visitors must navigate their way through with only a small flashlight to guide them. The Dark Maze is a confusing labyrinth where visitors must find their way out while being chased by demented clowns. The Clown Caravan is a section where visitors must avoid being captured by a deranged clown and his accomplices. The Witch’s Den is a spooky area where visitors must dodge spells and curses from evil witches. The Hillbilly Village is a section where visitors must avoid being captured by a group of sinister hillbillies.

In addition to the scare zones, Nashville Haunted Woods also offers a midway with games, food, and other Halloween-themed activities.

The attraction is recommended for ages 12 and up, as it can be quite intense and frightening. However, there is also a “lights-on” version of the haunt for younger children or those who prefer a less scary experience.


Scream Creek - Murfreesboro, TN

Scream Creek - Murfreesboro, TN

Scream Creek is a popular haunted attraction located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This haunted house is one of the largest and most elaborate in the area, offering visitors a terrifying and thrilling experience that they will never forget.

Scream Creek is set on a large, wooded property and features several different haunted attractions. Visitors can explore the haunted woods, brave the zombie-infested apocalypse, and navigate the twisted halls of the Scream Creek Manor. Each attraction is filled with terrifying scares, intense special effects, and expertly crafted sets that transport visitors into a world of horror and fear.

One of the most popular attractions at Scream Creek is the Haunted Woods, a sprawling outdoor haunt that takes visitors through a dark, wooded trail filled with all manner of monsters, creatures, and scares. The woods are home to twisted paths, hidden passages, and creepy, abandoned buildings that visitors must navigate to reach the end.

Another popular attraction is the Zombie Apocalypse, a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies where visitors must use their wits and survival skills to make it out alive. The attraction is filled with realistic zombies, special effects, and a sense of dread and danger that is sure to keep visitors on the edge of their seats.

Finally, visitors can explore the Scream Creek Manor, a massive haunted house filled with twisting corridors, hidden rooms, and terrifying surprises at every turn. The manor is a labyrinth of horror, filled with gruesome scenes, elaborate sets, and expertly crafted scares that are sure to leave visitors trembling with fear.

In addition to its terrifying attractions, Scream Creek also features a variety of food and drink vendors, as well as a gift shop where visitors can purchase souvenirs and merchandise.

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